Past coverage

16-Dec-2010 : Gloria Flora inspires Upper Hoback activists in Jackson

Lease retirements worked in Montana, why not Wyoming? [read more...]

16-Dec-2010 : High Country News highlights local voices working to protect Upper Hoback.

Here is a recent feature story, a follow up and a video from HCN. [read more...]

16-Dec-2010 : NewWest follows up on DEIS release, PXP proposal

Stay tuned to for ongoing coverage. [read more...]

16-Dec-2010 : Some examples of media generated by PXP's recent press release

We hope these news items inspire more spokespersons to come forward and help protect the Upper Hoback Basin. [read more...]

16-Dec-2010 : No deal yet, but PXP might be moving in right direction

Gov. Freudenthal weighs in on PXP's lease retirement proposal. [read more...]

15-Dec-2010 : It's a proposal, not a deal

A rundown on PXP's attempt to hijack the public process. [read more...]

15-Dec-2010 : Public skeptical of so-called "deal" with PXP

A great, accurate overview of what's really happening as the public comment period begins. [read more...]

10-Dec-2010 : Citizens for the Wyoming Range critical of Forest Service environmental analysis

Our diverse coalition of hunters, local residents and backcountry users is deeply disappointed by the recently released Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Upper Hoback. The original proposal by Plains Exploration and Production Company (PXP) appears to be largely unchanged, with an unacceptable amount of new road construction, surface disruption and full-scale industrialization of a place where such development simply isn’t appropriate. It’s not wise use, and it’s not going to happen without a growing number of concerned citizens putting up a fight. [read more...]

08-Dec-2010 : Conservation Wyoming style with Dan Smitherman

The Jackson Hole Weekly discovered what many in the state already know: Citizens for the Wyoming Range speaks for a growing, nontraditional coalition of commonsense folks. [read more...]

05-Dec-2010 : Governor's Office Sees Flaws In Drilling Plan

Momentum against the plan to drill 136 natural gas wells in the Upper Hoback Basin continues to grow. Now, the Wyoming Governor's Office is voicing concerns. [read more...]