Past coverage

03-Dec-2010 : Governor's Office Concerned About Drilling In Upper Hoback

You will also find this coverage in Wyoming papers, so please consider writing a letter to the editor and/or the Governor's office echoing these concerns. [read more...]

03-Dec-2010 : Upper Hoback project makes headlines in PXP's hometown

The plan to drill 136 natural gas wells in the Upper Hoback is attracting a growing amount of media attention, and two stories recently ran in the Houston Chronicle, hometown paper of PXP, the company proposing to this project. [read more...]

01-Dec-2010 : Citizens for the Wyoming Range event attracts attention across Wyoming, including Sheridan

Coverage of a Nov. 29 gathering in Jackson detailed options for protecting the Upper Hoback Basin from natural gas drilling. The meeting offered a hopeful message for conservationists, and that drew attention from as far away as Sheridan, Wyoming. [read more...]

01-Dec-2010 : Gloria Flora inspires crowd in Jackson

Former Forest Supervisor Gloria Flora encourages crowd in Jackson to continue work protecting the Wyoming Range. [read more...]

16-Nov-2010 : Sportsmen and biologists urge BLM to save Mesa mule deer

These same mule deer spend their summers in the Upper Hoback Basin of the Wyoming Range. Here sportsmen and wildlife biologists forecast a gloomy future if natural gas wells continue to destroy seasonal ranges. [read more...]

11-Nov-2010 : The hunters called--they want their deer back

For generations, hunters have supported the Sublette mule deer herd with donations, hunting licenses and other investments small and large. Now winter drilling is killing off the herd, and hunters turn to the BLM, which promised better winter range through "adaptive management" and "phased development." [read more...]

11-Nov-2010 : Will BLM alter pace of development to save mule deer?

BLM at a crossroads: Will it use adaptive management to ban winter drilling on the Mesa in order to save declining mule deer herd? [read more...]

03-Nov-2010 : Leasing continues unabated in Wyoming

There's no shortage of opportunities for the natural gas industry in Wyoming. So why target places with such high wildlife values? [read more...]

03-Nov-2010 : Upper Hoback-Mesa mule deer in decline

Some of the mule deer from the great Sublette Herd summer in the Upper Hoback, and winter in on the Mesa near Pinedale. A new study finds the Mesa herd is in sharp decline. [read more...]

06-Oct-2010 : Leases retired on North Fork of Flathead River

A great example of what's possible. Here an energy development company realized the best business decision was to walk away from existing leases. [read more...]