Past coverage

21-Mar-2011 : Drilling vs. wildlife

WDGF speaks out. [read more...]

14-Mar-2011 : Public comments flood Bridger-Teton

An outpouring of opposition to PXP proposal. [read more...]

11-Mar-2011 : AP coverage of smog issue

Here's the story that kicked off the latest round of coverage. [read more...]

10-Mar-2011 : USA Today covers Pinedale's smog problem

The national press coverage continues. [read more...]

10-Mar-2011 : Ongoing coverage of Pinedale's air troubles

Ozone levels in the county exceeded national air quality standards for five days last week. [read more...]

10-Mar-2011 : Natural gas and air pollution in Pinedale

Comparing Pinedale with Pasadena. [read more...]

10-Mar-2011 : Enough is enough

A letter to the editor of the Green River Star. [read more...]

10-Mar-2011 : Don't frack Greater Yellowstone

Boise blogger rips into PXP plan. [read more...]

02-Mar-2011 : More bad news for Mesa mule deer

Winter drilling remains elephant in the room. [read more...]

02-Mar-2011 : Does PXP proposal equal hazy Teton views?

A rundown of air quality issues clouding plan to drill in the Upper Hoback. [read more...]