Past coverage

08-Feb-2011 : PXP accepting buy-out offers

Now the public needs to keep pushing for the win-win buy-out option to protect the Upper Hoback. [read more...]

04-Feb-2011 : If the leases on the 44K should be retired, so should the leases in the Hoback.

How our leasing system is broken. [read more...]

31-Jan-2011 : Former BTNF supervisor opposes drilling

We can't standby and let this happen. [read more...]

27-Jan-2011 : Full house at Pinedale meeting

Pinedale online estimates crowd at 200. [read more...]

26-Jan-2011 : Public hammers B-T over PXP plan

Tell a friend: It's time to submit your public comments! [read more...]

26-Jan-2011 : Forest Service cancels 44k leases

Will agency apply same rules to Upper Hoback? [read more...]

26-Jan-2011 : Forest Service protects part of Wyoming Range near Hoback

Great news for those hoping the Upper Hoback gets the same consideration. [read more...]

23-Jan-2011 : Jackson comes out in force against PXP plan

A good overview of the Forest Service meeting in Jackson--and a reminder for everyone to comment now on the PXP plan! [read more...]

20-Jan-2011 : Public backlash in Jackson to PXP drilling plan

The first public meeting draws standing room only crowd at Snow King. [read more...]

11-Jan-2011 : Citizens mobilize ahead of upcoming FS meetings

Public comments, including one from Gov. Freudenthal, start to pour in. [read more...]