Past coverage

06-Jan-2011 : Response to PXP's proposal.

Lease retirement is a good idea. Throwing money at "off-site mitigation" is not. [read more...]

06-Jan-2011 : DEIS paves way for "Jonah in the Woods"

Read the Pinedale Roundup's latest coverage of the public's response to the recently released DEIS. [read more...]

05-Jan-2011 : Upper Hoback could be fracked before EPA rules

Seen the film "Gasland"? [read more...]

30-Dec-2010 : Coalition examines PXP proposal

The truth about PXP's so-called "deal." [read more...]

22-Dec-2010 : Coalition of groups send letter to Forest Service outlining concerns with PXP proposal

The real scoop on what PXP is offering [read more...]

22-Dec-2010 : PXP project vs. wildlife

This isn't a pretty picture. [read more...]

21-Dec-2010 : Different voices chime in on PXP proposal

Activists and others give their take. [read more...]

20-Dec-2010 : Citizens for the Wyoming Range's Dave Willoughby responds to PXP proposal

Dave Willoughby asks a question on the minds of hunters statewide when he wonders, "Why didn't PXP invite us to the table?" Lease retirement is a good start, but let's make this a better deal for the public. [read more...]

16-Dec-2010 : A look at the 28k acres PXP offers to retire

Land Letter, a respected Washington D.C. journal, examines PXP's proposal. [read more...]

16-Dec-2010 : Solid overview of the current public process

Here's a breakdown of where the PXP plan stands in the eyes of the Forest Service. [read more...]