06-Jun-2011 : Private gas deal trades too much of our forest

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26-May-2011 : Noble Basin: 'a country in the mind'


24-May-2011 : Work to safeguard the Bridger-Teton

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24-May-2011 : Noble Basin a potential tragedy


24-May-2011 : New era


23-Feb-2011 : CEO comes out against drilling plan

Even those leading companies with ties to the gas industry oppose PXP's proposal. [read more...]

30-Dec-2010 : Dave Willoughby's op-ed appears in Jackson Hole News & Guide

Join Dave, and express your thoughts during the Forest Service's 90-day public comment period. [read more...]

22-Nov-2010 : Wyoming Range Still No Place To Drill

Plains Exploration and Production Company (PXP) plans to drill 136 wells and industrialize the Upper Hoback Basin, which sits in the northern reaches of the Wyoming Range. Like many other sportsmen, I value the essential habitat found in the Upper Hoback. It would be a travesty to develop a place that supports moose, deer, antelope and herds of elk that attract hunters from around the region. [read more...]