Supplemental Draft EIS Released

Dear Wyoming Range supporters,

 I hope everyone had a good winter and are enjoying the early signs of Spring.   Finally, after years of waiting, the long awaited Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been published.   Below is the link to the document.

There were four alternatives evaluated including alternative 1 which was the “no action/no leasing alternative”.  In the SDEIS, the Forest Service has indicated that the preferred alternative is alternative 1, the no leasing alternative.  This is tremendous news.  It indicates that the Forest Service had heard the voices of the public and recognizes the values of the Wyoming Range as they currently exist.  Our job now is to build political and public support for the preferred alternative and ensure that this is the alternative selected by the FS.

What happens next?  Once published in the Federal Register (expected to be April 8th), the public will have 45 days to comment on the document.  During this time, the FS will schedule public meetings to answer questions.  Citizens for the Wyoming Range will also hold some public meetings to provide additional information etc.

At present, the schedule for the FS public meetings have not been announced.  As soon as I have a schedule for those meetings, I will send around another email along with dates for the comment period and instructions on how to comment.  Below is the link to the press release.

Thanks for your support.  Your patience and support are the reasons we have the right preferred alternative.  This is potentially a great victory for the sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts of our state and all the visitors to Wyoming that enjoy the recreational activities and beautiful scenery that Wyoming offers.

Mike Burd