Who We Are

Sometimes you just need to say ‘enough is enough.’  That’s what we said nine years ago when the Forest Service decided to unlawfully lease 41,000 acres of the Wyoming Range for oil and gas development.  

The image of drilling rigs, compressor stations, roads, pollution and noise in the middle of prime big game habitat and our favorite recreational areas was just too much. We hunt there. We fish there. We camp and work there. A single mission united sportsmen with ranchers and outfitters with landowners: some places are too special to drill. It became our rally cry.

We’ve never been against oil and gas. In Wyoming we pull our weight producing energy for the rest of the country, and we’re certainly doing our share in Sublette County. But at the end of the day we want to make sure Wyoming is a place people want to live, long after the oil and gas companies have moved on.  That means finding a balance, and protecting places like the Wyoming Range helps us strike that balance.